Saturday, 15 July 2017

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, since my last post I have changed my way of life a little. After a spell of bad health which was eventually put down to stress, probably, no one really knows the cause, I have taken a step back and stopped trying to publish other authors and am just concentrating on my own work. This has not been hugely difficult as most of my other authors haven't written much recently! Sorry for the jibe, folks, but it's true. I do wish all my fellow writers all the best in their very complicated lives and hope they manage to achieve what they want. I do care for you all and wish we could have flown to the stars and back.

I have been writing, but have still failed to find my true place in the world. If The World Hadn't Changed was a project I had to get out of my system but has not really struck a chord with readers...yet. You never know, it may one day.

So I'm back to writing about people and their lives, which seems to be my most popular genre. Human Interest, someone called it. This one is about someone who goes blind and the relationship he builds with a young woman who comes to help him. Haven't decided on a title yet.

I'm also working on a prequel to Edge of Extinction, putting down ideas that I had when I first developed the book. I thought jumping straight into the action would make Edge more exciting, but have always had a desire to tell Kianda's whole story.

And there is a prequel lurking to The Penhaligan File, too. Again, not far from completion. My aim is to get these finished and then publish them a few months apart. I spent so much time editing for other people that my own work has fallen way behind. I enjoy looking at what other people have written. I do not regret one minute I have spent doing it, but it has been at the cost of my own work. So I think my editing services will be disappearing from wherever I advertise them.

And, of course, my blogs have been few and far between in recent months. Non-existent even. I will try to remedy that, but it's a bit like being told to write an essay for homework at school. Write a story on a set theme and pages would flow. Write an essay and all I could manage was half a page!  But we will see. Onwards and upwards as they say. I'll try to get back soon!