Editing Service

I have just launched an editing service for writers.

What I offer:

·         A personal service for checking works of FICTION of any length. 
·         Spotting continuity errors in plots.
·         Help with formatting. 

Please note: I do not check facts and assume that any factual information included in a novel is correct. For example, historical dates and customs. The only exception is when the facts contradict each other and I have to check them to carry on.

My three levels of service:

Many manuscripts contain the same errors throughout the whole piece, so I work in three categories:

1.       Help for New Authors
2.       Simple Read Through
3.       In Depth Editorial

1.       Help for New Authors

If you have never typed anything formally on a computer before or never submitted anything to an agent, it is difficult to know how you should present your work.  There are certain expectations and procedures you must adhere to if you would like an agent to consider your work.

So my first option is to look at the beginning of your work i.e. anything up to 5000 words. I am flexible if a sentence continues a little over the word count.

I will constructively critique your style, recommend any formatting changes and give advice on what to alter as you develop your story.  Some of this will be my personal opinion, some will be advice to bring your manuscript up to the submission standard expected.

However, always check submission guidelines as each agent or publisher will ask for something different.

This service is charged at a flat rate.

2.       Simple Read Through

If you have confidence in your work but would like to check for typing errors - the biggest bane of a writer’s life - I will read it and charge an hourly rate.  This is now possible due to the Word function which tells you how long you have spent working on a file.  I promise I won’t leave the file open while I go shopping, but it will include any time I feel I must spend checking facts.  If I spot any glaring continuity errors in the story I will point them out, but will not make editorial comments or suggestions for different words or phrases.

3.       In Depth Editorial

I will read the work, correct typing and punctuation errors, suggest changes if I feel a different word or phrase is more suitable – but in this case I will leave you to decide whether to follow my advice or trust your own instincts.

I read slowly and generally remember what has gone before, so if you call a secondary character Ethel at the beginning and then call her Enid somewhere else, chances are I will pick it up!

This service is charged per word.

Contact me via my website www.kristen-stone-the-writer.com  to discuss which service would be best for you, the rates I charge and your budget.