If The World Hadn't Changed

This book started off as a short story which in turn was written because people were claiming life was so much better 100 years ago (maybe 110 years ago the time it has taken me to get to this point!)

I set out to imagine what life would be like it we had not achieved many of the things that made life better for the common working man during the 20th century.  In doing this I also had to consider what things hadn't happened in history even though these things aren't actually mentioned in the book. I have probably missed out several major events but these were the ones I considered most likely to change the outcome of our current world. This is a work of fiction so please allow leeway for not everything to be included.

Roughly in historical order:

The French Revolution - never took place halting any rise in the ordinary people taking place.
The Tolpuddle Martyrs - the farm workers never tried to establish unions thus the so called martyrs were never transported to Australia
The Peterloo Massacre - Henry Hunt never came to the fore as an advocate of universal suffrage therefore the meeting at St Peter's field in Manchester never took place and was never put down by force.
1918 Representation of the People Act -  This was never put to parliament so only property owners have the right to vote in my story. Working people, men and women, are excluded from political life because wages are so low no one can afford to buy their own property. Middle class, professional people can, of course. The Labour party was never created.
Social reform - This simply never happened. Because the the Labour party was not formed, things like social security, national health, state pensions - none of these have been introduced. Unions were not formed to protect the workers. Doctors have to be paid. Life spans are short, just as well because are no pensions.

So these are the things that prompted this book.

 If the world hadn’t changed

2019. Great Britain prepares for the election of a new prime minister, but just how great is this green and pleasant land? Who holds the power? Can the working man ever affect real change? Or are we destined to repeat the mistakes of the past in a perpetual re-telling of history. As today’s disenchanted, yearn for a rose-tinted yesteryear, the Smith family simply wish for a life without poverty and suppression, a world without the threat of war and disease in which they and their children might flourish amid fairness and equality. But things are rarely that simple... In this unique dystopian glimpse at a world unchanged by labour laws or advances in technology, we discover just how un-halcyon our days would actually be -

If The World Hadn’t Changed.

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