Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Venture

Well, hasn't life been exciting since the last time I wrote anything here?! So busy, I've not had a chance to write! First the Editing Service, ticking over steadily, I must say. And now I have embarked an a new venture, or should I say Adventure, as a partner in an ebook publishing service.
Blue Hour Publishing was set up in April with Stephen Hulse taking care of the technical stuff, including promotion, while I am doing the editing, trying to ensure all our books have consistency throughout. We now have a blog of our own entitled, strangely enough Blue Hour Publishing. Also a Facebook page, called, you've guessed it Blue Hour Publishing! Find us here
Some people may ask, why do you need a publisher to publish an ebook? Well, lots of people don't. They are quite capable of doing it all themselves and good on them if they can. But some people are not so savvy when it comes to technical stuff like loading a book onto Kindle. They might, cautiously, use the internet, send emails, join writers groups, but that's about it. They want help, need help. We offer help with editing, formatting, marketing (that's the biggy) as well as getting the book up there on Kindle for people to buy. We prefer authors to have a thumbnail ready to advertise their book, we are not artists, and we hope the manuscripts we look at will only need minimum editing, but it always helps to have a fresh eye to look at things for you.
So keep an eye on Facebook and our new blog and see what happens!