Sunday, 13 August 2017


Imagination,  we all have it. If you tell someone you are a writer, they will probably say 'I 
couldn't do that I have no imagination.' They have, they just don't know how to use it.

Child home late for  school. 
Imagination - something has happened, they have been kidnapped, never did like 
the look of that person who just moved in down the road.
Reality - dawdled home with friend from class and spent 30 minutes at the end of 
the street talking about nothing and needs to phone her friend as soon as she gets home.

Partner late home from work. 
Imagination - has had an accident on the way home. Or run off with the new receptionist.
Reality - was held up in a meeting with the boss then caught in a traffic jam. 
Phone battery ran out so couldn't let you know. 
Want to believe but imagination still playing up.

Unexpected telephone call. 
Imagination - it's Camelot telling me I've won the Euromillions roll over lottery!
Reality - Have you checked if you are eligible for a PPI  refund or 
Have you recently beeninvolved in an accident that wasn't your fault? 
To be honest you have to buy a lottery ticket before you can win!

Answer phone message from Doctor. 
Imagination - oh my God I'm dying, that blood test showed I have any and all 
fatal diseases known to mankind.
Reality - blood tests were fine. No action required.

Knock on the door. 
Imagination - Long lost relative calling to share an expected inheritance.
Reality - Have you found God? Didn't know he was missing, close door quickly.

Everyday we are faced with such situations. Doesn't everyone immediately have 
their imagination spring into action or do the non-Writers of the world walk around 
with completely empty heads? 

Don't answer that! 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Only In America

I have recently joined a group of writers in my local town. It's a very informal bunch of random people who like to put things down on paper for no particular reason. I'm not expecting to find any great knowledge there, I'm possibly the second most experienced writer there, but I do feel the need for some social interaction with real, not virtual, people. I'm not saying my Facebook friends aren't wonderful, they are, but I'm getting too isolated in the virtual world.

The thing about this group is they meet every week, not monthly, and they meet during the day. That maybe says something about the members, no one has to be at work, but what does that matter? The weekly thing is great because you have to get on with the task in hand instead of putting it off until, oh my god, it's the meeting tomorrow. Not that it is compulsory to do anything, neither is it compulsory to attend, but the challenge is there if you want to take it up. Every week a topic is chosen and we go away and think about it.

I have decided to share what I have done for this group with a wider audience, ie my blogging readers, if I have any, still.

This was my first offering on the subject of Only In America.

I know a lot of fellow indie authors from America through Facebook,  so I am aware, maybe more 
than most, of what is happening over there. A good friend has also travelled extensively to many 
parts of the States and has given me extensive insight into the varying levels of society there. 
The contrasts in that conglomeration are enough to make the sane mind boggle. It must be 
remembered that America is not one country. It is a collection of separate states that have their own 
laws, their own education systems to name just a couple of things. So maybe it is not so surprising 
that only in America you can find the following contrasts. Although it is some time ago now, I also 
visited in 1995 when my husband was secondment with his job.

Only in America can you find some of the world's top scientists, doctors, engineers, innovative 
technology pioneers and yet have the most backward and ignorant people in the western world. 
People who believe and promote the idea that dinosaur bones were planted by God to test a person's 

Only in America will you find a space program with scientists who want to go to Mars alongside 
people who claim the moon landings were fake, global warming is a conspiracy and burning fossil 
fuels is fine.

Only in America do people wear wristbands telling bystanders not to call an ambulance if they are 
found unconscious because they cannot afford the costs involved in using an ambulance, while at the same time American doctors lead the way in innovative treatments, surgeries and therapies.

Only in America are corporations running roughshod over the health and safety of the citizens of said country...well maybe the same can be said in some less desirable parts of the world,  but America is 
quickly becoming one of those less desirable places instead of the leader of the world to be admired.

The world often views America through the eyes of the TV shows it produces, but real life varies 
from state to state, town to town. In many places it is lagging behind much of the Western world in 
terms of infrastructure,  technology and knowledge. The level of general ignorance amongst even 
those in power is staggering. I read a cringe making post from an Air America service desk worker at Washington airport not so long ago quoting questions that had been posed by Senators. I can't 
remember them all but one that stands out in my memory was one complaint from someone who 
doesn't like flying because they couldn't get a train to Hawaii.

When you hear these things it is no wonder that in America you can have someone like Donald Trump elected as President. Sad, very sad. But the saddest thing seems to me that our own government seems to admire the American health system and would love to privatise our own. Let's hope we don't start saying 'only in the uk'!

No offence meant to any sensible Americans who may read this!