Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wicked Weather (that's wicked as in evil not good!)

Back at the end of April I was jokingly asking all my friends  'Did you enjoy the summer?'
April was glorious.  Warm days, no April showers, hint of good things to come.
Then May arrived.  It may well have been the driest spring since records began, but May was definitely a lot cooler than April.  I consoled myself with the saying 'Ne'er cast a clout till May is out'.  I always take this to mean the end of the month of May, not when may blossom arrives.
So we reached the beginning of June, everything parched through lack of rain, farmers complaining that the ground is too hard, too dry and the crops are not growing well enough.  Admittedly I'm down to two layers of clothing, sometimes only one, and I haven't had to put my thick coat on when I walk the dog, but the summer still seems a long way away.
Last Sunday was the day of a local carnival - and it rained ALL day.  It didn't rain on Saturday, it didn't rain on Monday, but it hammered it down on Sunday.
We are now into the camping season for Guides and Scouts, two organisations I have had close links with over the years.  I remember saying once - I'd like to run a Guide company but I'm not going camping - 20 camps later I handed over to someone else.  This weekend my old Guiding Division and my village cub pack are both holding their annual camps.  The weather forecast - persistent rain tomorrow (when they will be setting up the camps) showers all day Saturday.  The same thing happens every year.
I fervently hope the forecasts are proved wrong.  I know we need rain but why can't it rain at night when most people are asleep?
On a slightly different subject - there is a campaign going on to introduce double summer time, so that people can enjoy the summer evenings.  As I type this, it is the 16th June and 21:53 (according to my computer) and it is still light outside and it has been raining all evening.  It is decidedly chilly and there is no way I would even think about sitting in my garden let alone outside a pub or a cafe.
And my husband wonders why I don't like the British climate!

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